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The "Find Wondrous Things" Journal is a one year, undated journal (which means you can start anytime!). It is a place to write your monthly prayers, warroom prayers, gratitudes, and declare truth.

My prayer for this journal is that it would help you grow closer to God. That it would eliminate distractions during prayer, and help you cultivate an intimate relationship with Him.

You write out your prayers so you ‘won’t forget...

won’t forget who the real enemy is
won’t forget the One in whom your hope lies
won’t forget what your real need and dependencies are
and later, won’t forget the record of how God responds.
— Priscilla Shirer
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My prayer is that we would worship Him, 

no matter what season we are in currently. 

Declare that He is your victory.

He is here. 

He is with you in every moment, in every season. 



The prayer section has a monthly prayer section, a monthly recap and lined pages to pray over every month.


FWT prayer journal


This section was inspired from the movie "War Room."

I loved how she would write down a specific prayer for her husband or child, and be able to go back to that prayer all the time and continue to pray for them/the situation. I write who/what I am praying for, "my marriage," "my daughter," "my church"...

FWT prayer journal
FWT waroom prayers

P.S. I did a “Warroom Prayer” Series where I shared a bunch of examples of these prayers + free printables! Find that series HERE.

gratitude journal


I write down my gifts/what I am thankful for. I keep a running list. I write down the date, then I started at the number one, and write anywhere from three-sometimes fifteen things I'm thankful for.

The practice of giving thanks … eucharisteo … this is the way we practice the presence of God, stay present to His presence, and it is always a practice of the eyes. We don’t have to change what we see. Only the way we see.
— Ann Voskamp

FWT declare truth, prayer journal

SECTION FOUR: Declare Truth

There is a page for every week of the year; each page has a section for you to write a truth about God, and a truth about who God says you are.

find wondrous things prayer journal, declare truth


These notebooks are an absolute joy to use and look at every day. You can tell the care with which they are created and the quotes are such a perfect and blessed inspiration each day. Thank you so much FindWondrousThings for sharing your joy in faith and inspiring us all. 

This journal is so beautiful and has so many personal touches. I didn't write in it for a while because it was so beautiful. But that's not the point! It's messy and filled with prayers now :)