I will respond to messages Monday - Friday from 7 - 4 pm. If you message me over the weekend I will get back to you the following Monday. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Care Instructions for Bible Tabs

My Bible Tabs are repositionable when applied and become permanent over time. Therefore, you can move them after a few days up until about a week, if you want to reposition them after that the area might be sticky.

Placing Tabs in your Bible

Your tabs will come with instructions on how to place them in your Bible or Planner. You just peel, fold along the fold crease and stick them onto your page!

If you need additional help in attaching your tabs you can check out my IG highlight which shows me placing my tabs in a Bible. 

Tab Placement Help

Are there different font options?

Yes! You can get my handwriting, or there are two font options. Check the individual listings for an example.

Do you offer replacement tabs?

Yes! I understand that accidents happen- if something happens to your tabs (something gets spilled on it, etc), you can order replacement tabs. It is a difficult process to just print a few tabs, therefore, my policy is as follows: 

Shipping is $3.85. 

Replacements for:
1-3 tabs: $3
4-10 tabs: $7
10-20 tabs: $14
More than 20 tabs: You'll have to order a new set.


Sales/coupons cannot be applied to previous purchase.


Once a product is shipped, I am not responsible for USPS delay, theft, damage by the carrier, etc...

I ship through USPS, and an email will be sent to you with your tracking number. If your package is lost you will need to contact USPS/file a claim with them. 

Please check your address, if an item is shipped back because of a wrong address, purchaser will need pay for shipping again.

What is Priority Shipping?

Priority shipping typically means your order will arrive faster than regular shipping. Regular shipping takes 2-5 days. Priority shipping takes 1-3 days. 

I typically have quite a few orders, so if you need an order out sooner, you need to message me a request. Ordering priority shipping doesn't mean it will ship sooner than the specified ship date.

Bible Questions

All the Bibles I use are linked on my Favorite Tools page.

Do you offer your lettering designs to buy?

I offer some of them! I create new designs everyday so it is hard to put everything in the shop. The following item has 35 cards/designs for you to print out. (Digital item only).

Encouragement Cards


I love to create wallpapers! They are available on my Instagram stories!

(sorry I have an iPhone so they were created for a iPhone!)


I create all my designs on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil!