September Warroom Prayers


September Warroom Prayers


Rise up daughter! The victory is yours! It's time to take the place I have given you!

Gina Fox


Lord, I seek you to grow me in my grief. Rescue me and deliver me, for you are a God that wipes away my tears. For you didn't forget me in the wilderness. Deliver me from turning back to where I was. I will continue to call on you. You are my light and my truth. Save me from letting darkness consume me. Deliver me from the lies. For you turn mourning into dancing. I will place my hope in you alone. I will proclaim that you are faithful everyday. 

Seek Him

God, may my only desires be to seek You earnestly. To run to you to be filled up with your abundance. Let my flesh be faint so that Your power and glory uphold me. Your steadfast love is greater than anything in my life. May I praise You and cling to You. May all that I am and all that I do be in Your glorious name. Let my heart and mind meditate on You so that I may be hidden in You so as to draw even closer. Amen

Jennifer Edewaard

Lord’s Prayer

God, your name is holy, above all other names. Let your kingdom come. Give me boldness to share your love and grace. Let your will be done. I want to surrender my own desires, putting my trust in you. Let the work you have placed in front of me today be done for your glory. Let all that I do be done with a worshipful heart. Let me sense the worth of my work. Forgive me for having a heart that isn't always about you. Don't let bitterness or unforgivness grow in my heart. Teach me to live and walk by your spirit. Grant me eyes to see your faithfulness and goodness. Let it be done. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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