November Warroom Prayers


Every month I am going to be sharing some new prayers from my “Warroom Prayers!” 

I did a Warroom Series, you can find it HERE, and I shared many prayers- but I continue to write new prayers every day/week, so I’ll share those every month. They will be about different topics and situations, but I pray they will encourage you. 

warrroom prayers pic.jpg



God, let me remember that its not my job to bring justice to someone that has hurt me. It is my job to follow you. If I choose hate, resentment or unforgiveness- it will just put bitterness into my heart. (Luke 6:27-28).



God, let me live with assurance of your mercy. Let me celebrate your grace. Let me look ahead to the roads you’ve been preparing for me, so I can live in your freedom and fullness. Don’t let me live in my guilt and shame. But let my past be a reason for endless worship. Let me walk away from old sin patterns- deflecting the lies and embracing your truth. Don’t let me call to mind the former things, pondering things of the past. Let me believe that you are doing something new, springing grace and beauty and newness forth- making a way in the wilderness like you have before (Isiah 43:16-19).



God, let be be a woman who declares truth about who you are. Let me bear witness about the true light (John 1:8).


God, let me see my gifts as a blessing and find more ways to use them for your glory. I want to make the art you want me to make. I want to speak the words you want me to speak. I want to be obedient to your voice. My job is to follow you- wherever you lead me. Let me be fulfilled and content in the place you have me. God, let me quiet myself and the world so I can hear you more clearly.



God, this right here is the good fight. Enable me to take ground and claim it for you. This is holy ground. This is where the fight is. This is where you give me the strength I need. This is where I push back the enemy. Let your spirit overwhelm me, rather than my thoughts or desires. Let me walk by your spirit.


God, you are greater than all of this. Standing firm, holding my ground and victory is accomplished in you. i’m just going to praise, worship, bow down and stay still because you are the defender of me and my heart. I’ve seen you move mountains, I’ve seen you rescue me when I was trapped, I’ve seen you make a way when there was no way, I’ve seen you find me when I thought I was lost. And I believe you'll do it again.


God’s Presence

God, I want to encounter your love. let me remember that your presence is in this place. Let your love overflow to this home, this community, and this place. We need your presence, we need your spirit to guide us. We need your love to encounter us. We need your peace to fill us. We need your Word to equip us, and we need your grace to move us forward.

I made all of these prayers into a PDF printable if you’re interested!