May Warroom Prayers


May’s Warroom Prayers


God, let me be gentle and slow to anger towards my kids today. In every circumstance, I want my response to reflect you, not anger or impatience. Help me today to see every interruption and every tantrum as an opportunity to show grace and show love. 

For our Kids

God, let them acknowledge you and serve you with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind. Let them seek you with all their hearts and minds. (1 Chronicles 28:90


God, I am coming to you in prayer to shift the atmosphere of my home and around me. Let me set an atmosphere of praise and worship of you alone. 


God, I want to partner with you to silence the lies and bring your truth into the light. Come and do what only you can do. Align my heart and mind with you. I repent for partnering with these lies and instead ask you to partner with me to replace the lies with your truth. Reshape my thoughts and teach me how to discern what is from you, and what isn’t. Speak your truth over my identity. Let me believe I am who you say I am. 

May Warroom Prayers

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