March Warroom Prayers


March’s Warroom Prayers


God, let me come into alignment with you- believing that rest is from you, and you want it for me. This is a weapon- this is how I fight. I fight busyness and distractions and discontentment by resting in you. Prompt awe and wonder and gratitude and delight as I seek your presence. Show me your rest. 

Brokenness (from Psalm 51 TPT version)

God, I know your abundant love is enough to wash away my guilt and shame. Set your truth deep in my spirit. Come into the hidden places of my heart. Come and show me your love again. Show me who you are again. Create a new, clean heart within me. Fill me with holy desires and kingdom minded thoughts. God, I believe my brokenness is welcome here, with you. I don’t believe you are scared of my brokenness - I won’t believe it’s too much for you and I will believe that my brokenness has a purpose. 

Home (inspired from “Life-Giving Home” by Sally Clarkson)

God, let my home give life to all who enter. Let my home be a home that serves all who enter. A home that meets the needs of family and visitors. A home that fosters beauty and creativity. Let my home provide a life-giving legacy. Let the decorations, values and traditions touch and shape all the hearts that enter. Let His words of encouragement and truth lay the foundation of love and relationships. Let my home be a place of ministry, for not only my family, but also all who enter it. 


God, don't let my focus be to direct people to me, but let me point others to you. 

March Warroom Prayers

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