February Warroom Prayers


A few comments about Warroom Prayers - I love sharing these prayers with you - they are personal, and come from my own prayer journal. I share to encourage you to pray boldly and to write down your prayers. I do hope you make these prayers your own! Get specific - if there is a prayer about forgiveness - ask God if there is someone you need to forgive - use my prayer as a starting point - but take it deeper - do your own study of the verses, talk to God, name names of people you need to forgive - or tell God specifically how you want to be healed - how you want to see Him move in your heart. Praying for you friends!! 

warrroom prayers pic.jpg


God, I am praying for you to enter into this - this was such a hard time - but you brought beauty from a dark situation - you turned my mourning into dancing. But I am still having a hard time letting go of bitterness. I’m asking you to enter into this with me - enter into every tear and detail - because I believe you want me to fully step into freedom. I believe my hearing begins with my recognition that someone has sinned against me, and with the truth that you care more deeply and fully than I do. 

(The Cure, Especially Chapter 5 - is great for more on this topic)


God, help me to recognize the ploys of the enemy the moment they come into view. When the enemy comes to tempt me - help me to remember where it came from and who’s behind it. I know you call me to purity because you want my heart and mind protected and at rest. You want me full of confidence and power - free to receive and celebrate your goodness. God, I believe you are inviting me to wide-open spaces of genuine freedom and victory. Help me to always pursue righteousness. Let me walk by your spirit, not carrying out the desires of the flesh (Galatians 5:16), but standing firm on your Word.

(Inspired from Fervent).

My heart 

God, let me walk in obedience where you have sent me. Let me remember that there is purpose right here, in this place. Let me be bold and come before you (Genesis 18: 16-33). Prayer is a gift and a privilege - let me remember to come before you in prayer in every situation. I want to be a woman that trusts that you will show up, like you always do. 

Stand Firm

God, don’t let me be afraid, but let me stand right where I am, believing you will fight the battle for me. Let me stand firm and watch you bring about victory.