December Warroom Prayers

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Every month I am going to be sharing some new prayers from my “Warroom Prayers!” 

I did a Warroom Series, you can find it HERE, and I shared many prayers- but I continue to write new prayers every day/week, so I’ll share those every month. They will be about different topics and situations, but I pray they will encourage you. 

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december warroom prayers.png


God, open my eyes to what you want to speak to me during this advent season. Let me encounter you and experience you. Let me savor and celebrate the good news that you came and you are coming again. Bring us hope in our uncertainties, bring your light into the darkness. Your light streamed into this world and I want to experience it and share it.


God, let me be passionate about my calling again - about the good news and you and your kingdom. Let me talk of you, rejoice in you, and preach of you.


God, lead me to victory. In Jesus’ name, I know victory is coming. I know you’ll use this for my good. Let me step into what you have purchased. Let me step into the fullness that you bought for me.


God, define success for me on a daily basis. Let me worshipfully work on what you’ve placed in front of me.

I made all of these prayers into a PDF printable if you’re interested!