Journaling In Your Bible

Journaling in Your Bible

What to Read

  • Read through the entire Bible 

  • Read a chronological plan 

  • Pick one book to read 


  • YouVersion App has some great reading plans.

What I Look For

  • Truths about God: from what I read, what did I learn about God? About Who He is? About His character? 

    • I like to put this in a form of a praise: God, you are a God of redemption. God, you are merciful and gracious. God, you rescue me. God, you are present in the wilderness. 

  • Confess: From what I read, is there anything I need to confess? 

    • After reading Exodus or Hosea and the sin of idolatry, what idols do I have in my life that I can repent and turn from?  

  • Truth about who God says I am 

    • He says I’m called. He says I’m created for a purpose. We can bear witness about Him/the truth light (John 1)


  • Use a color coding system to help you differentiate these topics

What I Journal In My Bible

  • Truths about God 

  • Confessions 

  • Truth about who God says I am 

  • Prayers

  • Other translations of a verse

  • Commentaries/quotes 


  • Blue Letter Bible

    • I use this to find the Hebrew/Greek meaning of a word

    • And find commentaries (Matthew Henry is my favorite)

  • Other translations of a verse

    • Using the YouVersion App again

    • Favorite versions to read (My Bible is ESV) but I also like to read AMP, MSG and NIV

I put all of this in a printable for you to download!


Here are some examples from my own Bible just to give you a better idea!

bible journaling
bible journaling
bible journaling

Email me if you have any questions!