August Warroom Prayers


I love this prayer for August, it was written by Ron Edmondson. A huge thank you to Cynthia for sending in this beautiful prayer. We are all leaders - whether we have a business or ministry, or we are leaders in our homes, leaders at church, at work - or in whatever capacity, this prayer can help keep our focus on God’s path + his abilities.

August’s Warroom Prayers

Prayer for Leaders 

Dear Lord, grow my love for you so I will trust in You when I can’t see the path ahead clearly. Help me to trust in You, more than I trust in my abilities. 

Help me not to say yes when the right answer is no. Help me balance my time to be most effective and to accomplish Your will more than the will of others. 

Never allow my plan to get ahead of – or in the place of – Your plan. Remind me frequently that Your way is best and I will always be most successful when I wait for You. 

Allow me to forgive easily, hold no grudges or bitterness, and live in and extend to others the grace You have provided to me. Never let me get so proud or arrogant that I forget I am nothing apart from Your hand upon my life. 

Provide me with courage and conviction to face my fears and critics and lead people to bigger realities of Your will than today. Give me the courage of Gideon, the steadfastness of Nehemiah, and the boldness of Daniel. 

Grant me wisdom to make decisions big and small and conviction to follow You when it contradicts my desires or the demands of others. Give me discernment and surround me with wise people who follow You and can speak into my life. 

Help me guard my heart, overcome temptation, and keep my character and reputation above reproach. Build around me people who believe in me, know me, and are willing to speak hard truths into my life. 

Give me patience with people, the pace of progress, and with things I can’t understand. Assure me continually that Your plan is always worth waiting for and will be better than anything I can produce on my own. 

Help me communicate with clarity, consistency, and competence. Guard my tongue and keep me from reckless words. Make me an encourager and a builder of people with the things I say. 

Help me to love people and use my influence for the good of others. Allow me to see my life’s mission as bigger than today. Help me leave a legacy, which brings glory to You. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

August Warroom Prayers

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