April Warroom Prayers


April’s Warroom Prayers


God, let me lean into this season. Let me quiet myself and dig deeper into what you've done and what you continue to do. I'm expectant that you'll move and shift my heart this season. I want to make space to meditate on your word, to lean into your promises and truths, and to remmeber who you are. 


God, let me be a woman that pours out my heart to you. I pray I would always bring my sorrows and longing to you (1 Samuel 1). 


God, let me lay aside any false thirsts, and let me fill the well of my heart with the one things that is necessary - my thirst for you and you alone (John 4). 


God, let me love without reservations or restrictions. Let me not worry how others might view it, and just let me love like you would. I don't believe your love or light is meant to be contained or kept to myself, so let your love flow out of me. 


God, let me be faithful to the people you've placed right in front of me. Don't let me focus on the mass-quantity, but on individuals, and their hearts. Help me to recognize the needs that are directly in front of me today. No matter the size of my "audience," my responsibiliy remains the same - to serve the person right in front of me.  

April Warroom Prayers

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