Prayers for abuse

I am sharing some personal prayers today - but every time I talk about my previous abusive marriage - so many women message me to say they have gone or are going through something similar. If that’s you, I want to share some prayers today - for those who are facing abuse today - and for those who are now out of an abusive relationship. [also, if you are/have been in an abuse relationship you should get help - I am just offering prayers that helped me through the process] 

You can read the following post for my personal story:


God, for those who are facing abuse today, don’t let them feel alone. Don’t let them feel like there’s no way out. 


God, let me remember to draw my strength from you. Don’t let me fear, but let me stand firm on your promises and the victory that you already won. 

Help me remember my worth in you. I have other voices telling me I am unworthy - but let your truth be louder than the lies. Let me remember today that I am: a daughter of the King, loved by you, never alone or forsaken. God, let me live like I believe what you have said about me. 

Enable me to continue to stand my ground, with my feet planted - believing your words and declaring your truth over my life. I want to believe that you have already won the battle - and that victory is yours. Enable me tp remain immovable, prepared, and unwavering - keeping my hope in you alone. Let me walk in fellowship with you- putting on your armor. Help me to remember to pray at all times. Let me put on your helmet of salvation - bringing my thoughts into alignment with who you say I am. Let me put on the shield of faith - believing you have already won this battle. Let me put on your word and truth. Allowing it to guide and direct my heart today (Ephesians 6:10-18).

Be the defender of my heart, God. I believe you’ll make a way for my passage through the wilderness, for my arrival to what you’ve promised me, and for my victory to come forth. 



God, to those out of the abusive situation, but feeling empty and heartbroken- don’t let them feel alone. 


God, let me remember what got me here and the freedom you have gifted me. 

For so long I forgot my value. Father, let me be a woman that lives our of who you say I am. You have called me to freedom, so let me walk with you in freedom. You rescued me from the wilderness. You are a God that wipes away tears. Don’t let me turn back to where I was. 

God, I have been believing lies for so long - keeping me in bondage and robbing me of the freedom you have so graciously gifted me. I believe you can use this struggle for your good. I pray it would push me toward your truth. 

Don’t let me stay in that prison - teach me how to let go of any hatred and bitterness. Let me forgive and heal - then let go. 

God, I believe healing is possible because I believe you are a God of redemption and revival. I believe freedom is possible but I have to let go of what I thought it would be like (marriage/the relationship), and call it what it was - an abusive relationship that was destroying my identity and causing me to believe lies. 

You are a God that heals the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3), that comes close to the broken, and saves those that are crushed in spirit (Psalm 34:18) - I am asking you to do this for me. Come and do what only you can do. Come and heal the hidden places in my heart.

Replace any effects of abuse with your strength and love. Let me remember that it is not my job to bring justice to someone that has hurt me. It’s my job to follow you. If I choose hate, resentment or unforgiveness, it will just put bitterness into my heart (Luke 6:27-28).