Warroom Prayers: Introduction

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Hey friends! I am going to be sharing all week long my Warroom Prayers!


Warroom is a section of my prayer journal, but it’s based off of the movie, Warroom. (Or the book, Fervent). It’s where I write all of my specific prayers. Priscilla Shirer says, 


“You write out your prayers so you ‘won’t forget... 

won’t forget who the real enemy is 

won’t forget the One in whom your hope lies 

won’t forget what your real need and dependencies are

and later, won’t forget the record of how God responds”


As for the question: where do I get these prayers? Usually they just come from reading my bible. I like to pray scripture. So first I decide what I am going to pray specifically for. Some examples: your kids, your husband, family, victory, anxiety, motherhood, infertility, depression, healing, your callings, etc. What matters most to you? Then, as I am reading my Bible I come across verses that deal with those areas and I will write a prayer in that section. 


The prayer journal I am using is one I created- it is available in my shop. You definitely do not need a prayer journal, but I do love writing down my prayers. You can also get just a plain notebook and write them down. Or, like the movie, tape your prayers in your closet. I just think it’s good for them to be in an area you can see often (closet or journal) and you can continually be praying over those things that matter most to you. 


Check back every day this week because I am sharing prayers from my own prayer journal and each day there will be a free printable so you can print it yourself and add it to your warroom!